Scheduling emails is a useful and potentially powerful part of marketing. On the other hand, it can make you look quite silly.

We’re not going to talk about the mechanics here – any half-decent email marketing software will let you schedule emails easily – but rather how to avoid making yourself look a bit silly. This applies to scheduled tweets, Facebook posts etc. as well.

The number one rule is: don’t try to be clever.

Don’t talk about the weather, or events you are expecting to happen. An early-morning email saying “Wasn’t the football good last night?” will make you look very stupid when the football match was cancelled.

Weirdly, we’ve noticed a temptation among many people to change their writing style for a scheduled email as opposed to one that gets sent out straight away. We’re not quite sure why it happens, although it’s possibly a similar phenomenon to that which turns people who can speak perfectly normally into jibbering business-babblers as soon as you sit them in front of a keyboard.

Keep it natural!

Scheduling emails is incredibly useful. You can, for example, go on holiday but maintain your output. But don’t forget people are going to think you’re a bit rude if you’re emailing every day and never answering their replies.

Use it, but use it wisely.