“Subscribe to our newsletter” is a pretty common request on a website – it could well be yours too?

(Doing a quick Google search for the exact phrase newsletter will throw back about 300 million results).

If there’s any accompanying text then it’s usually promising updates, news, special offers etc. All worryingly vague.

Without wanting to assume everyone’s feelings are the same as mine, the sight of the word “newsletter” does nothing to interest me.

It conjures up ideas of new staff announcements; a photo of the Christmas party; an uninspiring offer thrown in to fill some space.

If you want to capture email addresses and contact details – and for many businesses that should be a primary website goal – you need to give people a reason to register.

The fact that it’s not just a newsletter, but a FREE newsletter, simply isn’t enough.

What are you going to offer to make someone’s life a tiny bit better?

Industry-expert advice
Genuine money-saving help: “this weekly email saves our readers £787 a year on average”
Exclusive free reports or white papers
Time-saving tools and resources
Of course, it needs to be relevant. A mechanic could offer a six week email “course” in increasing your MPG by 20% to reduce fuel bills.

An insurance company could give email details to help reduce premiums.

What’s the biggest problem you can solve easily for your potential clients? Can you condense that into a series of emails that people visiting your website will be desperate to get their hands on?