Reports & analytics

By studying Email Marketing analytics you’ll benefit from a wide range of reporting and analytical information that will help you quickly see what works best in your email campaigns.

You can track and analyse opens, clicks, bounces and page visits on site – and with the knowledge you gain from our easily understood reports, you’ll be able to improve and refine your messaging and methods.

As you learn more, you’ll be able to make your campaigns more and more effective….. with ever improving results.

View opens and clicks

See how many people clicked your links and opened your emails, and how many times. Let email marketing analytics show what pages on your website they visited or if they completed an outcome such as a purchase or download.

Bounce and unsubscribe handling

Easily track which emails bounced (were returned) or who unsubscribed. The email marketing platform will automatically deactivate them so you don’t have to worry about it.

Spam reports

If your subscribers click “This is spam”, you will know. The platform will deal with unsubscribing them so you can view reports to better understand what led to a complaint and how to reduce them, so you can improve delivery and content.

View subscriber trends

Is your list growing or shrinking? Our customer trend analytics identify improvements or problems across all of your campaigns, helping you aim for better results each time you send.

Other Email Marketing Analytics Features

View most popular email clients

Enrich your subscriber details

Know if your statistics have improved or declined

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