Get to the inbox

You can have all the best messages in the world, but they’re no good if they don’t make it into the inbox.

We monitor and manage delivery of millions of emails every day, keeping an eye on content, spam and blacklists so that all our customers – that’s you! – maintain a good reputation with the ISPs.

That’s important, because without it your emails are destined for the junk box not the inbox. Our good name is your good name, and it really does make a difference!


Human approval process

That’s right. Every account is approved by one of the Email Marketing team to ensure our IP addresses are protected and maintain the best possible reputation. We also monitor campaigns to ensure all customers follow our anti-spam policy. While technology helps, a human approval and monitoring process ensures best practices to maintain an excellent reputation with ISPs and give you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Constant delivery monitoring

Email delivery is complex. We deliver millions of emails reliably every day, and our excellent relationship with the ISPs means that if a problem occurs, we can react quickly to resolve it.

email delivery monitoring

Email authentication with DKIM, SPF, and SenderID

Email Marketing has built-in support for email authentication. This tells other email servers that Email Marketing can deliver email on behalf of your company, which builds trust and helps with delivery.

Whitelisting and Feedback Loops

Our servers are setup with all major ISP feedback loops. This helps us track spam complaints from your customers and unsubscribe them automatically.

Some Email Marketing Love

“It’s brilliant that something so powerful can be so simple”



"Having tried them all we are glad that we have found or email and online campaign partner for years to come!”