no subject line“Every ‘expert’ tells me to have interesting, intriguing subject lines that make people desperate to open my emails. Things like ‘5 ways to save money’ or ‘Have you seen this?’. I can understand the logic behind it, but my inbox is just email after email that seems to be trying to trick me into opening it – if I am getting annoyed by it, won’t my database contacts be too?”

There are endless articles on the internet about how to write the perfect email subject line. I’m pretty sure I’ve done a few myself.

But what if there was a different answer? What if the subject didn’t matter? What if you had an email with no subject line at all? Personally, I make the decision about whether or not to open an email on the name of the person who sends it to me. The subject can be almost irrelevant.

I’m well aware of the dangers of generalising (I once nearly cried when I read the words “assumption makes an ass out of u and me”), but let’s work to the principle that I’m not alone in looking at email senders before subject lines.

What does that mean…?

It means YOU are what’s important.

The reason that doesn’t get mentioned very often is because it’s scary. It’s easy to write a good subject line but it’s hard to be interesting. Let’s put it another way: have you ever received an email from a good friend or a big client and not read it because they hadn’t chosen an interesting subject?

No…? So perhaps the sender is slightly more important than the subject. Perhaps you’re caring too much about stuff that marketing maniacs think is important and not enough about what those crazy customers who actually give you money think.

Let’s face it – you’ve just read an email titled “(No subject)”. Maybe it’s not as important as we all think.

In other words: be interesting.