What are the best email subject lines to use when you do need to make an impact with your marketing email?

There are a number of factors that go into making a successful subject line, hopefully these pointers will help you get the subject line that entices your reader to want to know more.

Make it sound special and exciting using words like:

  • Introducing
  • Announcing
  • New
  • At last
  • Finally
  • You
  • The wait is over

The key to great email subject lines is to attract attention with promise of a story…
“Three days that changed my life”

Ask a question, starting with…

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Mention something either free or of value…
“Free report tells your how to reduce tax”
“Buy one book, get one free”

Provide a challenge…
“Can you solve this marketing puzzle?”

Announce the price, if there’s a good reason to…
“£9.99 – the lowest price we’ve ever offered”

And that’s just for starters. Headlines or email subject lines is an incredibly complex art, ultimately they need to be enticing yet accurately reflect the content of your email.

One thing that I try to do myself is to break things up a little. Don’t get drawn into trying to cram everything you want to say into your subject line. Ideally be as succinct as possible, but if you really have more to say, then create a good first line as a headline in your email and use your subject line as a lead into that.

Remember, some email clients will show a snippet from the beginning of your email and display it in the email list in the inbox, if you structure your email right you can get your subject line and email headline to display here – and get the whole message across if it is a long one.