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Three Important Reasons To Change Your Email Marketing Service



For comparison:

  • Market leading provider: Up to 250,000 emails, contact list limited to 50,000 – £749pcm
  • Email-marketing: including up to 500,000 emails, UNLIMITED contact lists – £395pcm
  • Even bigger savings on larger email sends, up to 5 million pcm and more: e.g. up to 1,000,000 emails, UNLIMITED contact list – £595pcm


NO extra costs for additional clients or contacts
NO extra cost to use all the features


  • UNLIMITED clients, contacts and lists
  • Easily manage multiple clients
  • Create and brand their own accounts
  • Upload their own data, with no automatic filters
  • Use all the features at no extra cost
  • View client activity and sends
  • Set up client billing direct

Don’t be tied down by your service provider’s restrictions and fee structure – manage email marketing the way that best suits you and your clients.


  • Outstanding, expert support and service
  • A fantastic, feature-rich email platform that’s easy to use
  • Trusted IPs, reputation management & high delivery rates
  • We’ll even migrate all your data/ templates and customers for you, free of charge.

Email-marketing.com have been providing email services and expertise since 1995 – and now those services are available direct to agencies.

We’re offering you all that your current provider supplies – and more – at a far lower price and with far more flexibility.

Why not talk to us today, and discuss what email-marketing.com can do for you?

email expertise since 1995, now available DIRECT to agencies

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